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The Girl Next Door

Apprehensive. Breathless. Exposed.


This isn't how Ellie pictured it. It's supposed to be easy.

There wasn't supposed to be anything.

Relationships were not on her radar. Ellie was a headstrong lawyer and didn't have time for romance or even love. Hot summer weather and a beautiful soul can change the path of any direction. Also, knowing the law and following it are two different things.

The Boy in the Brownstone

Ellie and Austin have seemed to have finally figured IT out, and now they want a chance to relax, catch their breath, and see what the future holds. However, life doesn't exactly always go the way you like. In fact, it rarely ever will. Ellie Baylor has it 'all'. True Love. Successful career. Brilliance. Health. Beauty. BUT 'all' comes with immense obligations, restraints, and liabilities. Can she handle it 'all'? Near-death consequences for her choices and loss of love, can she hold onto what she has fought so hard to obtain or has she spread herself too thin? Will she balance it all and conquer or will she loose everything?

Theses titles are published internationally in 32 countries and is available by 12 different publishing companies.

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